Sunday, December 6, 2009


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Friday, August 21, 2009

Because our Listeners would like to know...

I sent this off today:

To the Office of the President of the United States:

I am Albert Berry, co-producer of a small internet radio program called Hour 42 ( On Hour 42 we discuss Super Heroes, both fictional and non-fictional.

My question is this: How does the President feel about his depiction of himself within of comic books like Savage Dragon and Spiderman - and now Bomber Girl?

I appreicate his, and his staffs, time in considering this question and for the response in advance.

Most Sincerely,

Albert L. Berry
Hour 42

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My old friend, The Doctor

When I give thought to my heroes I first consider the ones given to me as a very young child.
At 7, I was at the court house getting my last name changed to match the man who married my mother.
It occured to me then that I would be cool to be called John Wayne. At the age of 9, I discovered Doctor Who.

However, it wouldn't be until the age of 11 that he would take hold and become my lifelong hero.

Doctor Who is a show that always had clear definitions of what was good and what was bad. In some ways this wasn't a good thing.
It caused me to see the world in Black and White, make hasty judgements of others and assume I was always right. Those were the negatives.

On the postive side, it did instill within me a sense of justice and gave me a moral code of conduct. Doctor Who made me WANT to be the hero.
But, as I grew up, and found out the world was mostly gray, I nearly felt lied too. Of course, Doctor Who was always intended to entertain.
It was I who added into it all the things a child needs in growing up: a Role Model.

Doctor Who had been on for 20 years when I started watching. It had a sense of solidity - a need we all have. It had variety - another need.
The thing about Doctor Who is, it had the ability to fill ALL the needs a person has. To feel like you are a part of something grander then the self.

When other people look back at Doctor Who from back in the day, they see a cheesy show. I see, like all old friends, flaws that make them unique and special.
I really enjoy Doctor Who of today. I think it is fantastic in fact. It is like seeing an old friend again after they have been travelling abroad.
I know he won't be able to stay around forever, but I am sure glad he's come back for a while.
But, I always knew he'd come back - he said as much:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tonight, HOUR 42 goes Hollywood!

Tonight, @ThePeterPixie and I welcome our first guest with his own listing on IMDB - Ray Grimes, writer and director of the new independent superhero film, Super Capers! We'll talk to him about his experience so far as a relatively new filmmaker, and try to get a few good Adam West stories out of him.

Peter and I will also trade notes on G.I. Joe - what, you thought I'd let him get away without seeing it? Also:

* Just two weeks after San Diego, Chicago hosts its own comic-book convention - we'll bring you the highlights.
* We'll talk about some of the rather ... interesting creative choices that were published this week. Bottle of grappa, anyone?
* Plus YOUR comments and questions at 646-716-4799

In the meantime, if you want to catch up on last week's show, which featured even more guest-stars, just click on the handy-dandy player below - then come on back and join us at 7pm PST (10p EST) tonight for HOUR 42!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A star-studded episode!

With the post-Comic-Con coma fading, El Secreto & @thepeterpixie unpacked some of the good stuff ES collected while he was there, including interviews with:

* A red-carpet chat with Power Girl writer Jimmy Palmiotti, who gave us the skinny on his new project for Radical Publishing
* An encounter with Carrot Top - what ever could have brought him to Con? Find out here.
* We also played an excerpt from ES' interview with Bleeding Cool founder and longtime comics journalist Rich Johnston, which triggered a classic fanboy gaffe from our roving reporter. To hear what we're talking about, and the full interview, click on the fierce pic* below:

And if you click on the handy-dandy player below, you can listen to the full episode, where the boys cover:

* Yet another new line-up for the Justice League - when is a Trinity not a Trinity?
* Marvel's upcoming Necrosha crossover
* Some potentially bad news for Torchwood fans involving John Barrowman - and much more, including a sneak-preview of next week's show, chock-full of movie goodness!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

New logo, new time slot, new episode!

Yesterday, @ThePeterPixie and I did the first morning edition of Hour 42, live from a panel at Anime Fest Wichita, with special guests Caitlin Glass and Robert Axelrod. We also unveiled the show's new logo, designed by my friend @kittenfaced and con goers got dibs on hearing my review of Blood: The Last Vampire.

But, as they say, wait, there's more! Tonight we debut at our new time, 7pm PST (10p EST) with another visit from our friend Jill Pantozzi, aka The Nerdy Bird. Jill will be joining us to talk about the new Green Lantern, this week's Torchwood opus, and we ask the question: what's wrong with the Justice League? It's all new TONIGHT on HOUR 42!

- ES

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This show was a rollercoaster!

Ah, the magic of live radio. Last night's show was a bit of an adventure, to say the least. But here's some of the highlights:

* We talked about the latest news surrounding X-Factor and Captain America
* After some, uh, technical difficulties, @ThePeterPixie managed to have a nice chat with Lord Zedd himself, Robert Axelrod
* We previewed Anime Fest Wichita, where Peter will be hosting - and where we'll be doing a special daytime show July 11 at 11:30 am PST (2:30p EST)
* Last but not least in the very least, we got a special visit from our pal The Nerdy Bird!

So just click on the handy-dandy player below and listen in on the fun - and don't forget, two shows next week!