Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A star-studded episode!

With the post-Comic-Con coma fading, El Secreto & @thepeterpixie unpacked some of the good stuff ES collected while he was there, including interviews with:

* A red-carpet chat with Power Girl writer Jimmy Palmiotti, who gave us the skinny on his new project for Radical Publishing
* An encounter with Carrot Top - what ever could have brought him to Con? Find out here.
* We also played an excerpt from ES' interview with Bleeding Cool founder and longtime comics journalist Rich Johnston, which triggered a classic fanboy gaffe from our roving reporter. To hear what we're talking about, and the full interview, click on the fierce pic* below:

And if you click on the handy-dandy player below, you can listen to the full episode, where the boys cover:

* Yet another new line-up for the Justice League - when is a Trinity not a Trinity?
* Marvel's upcoming Necrosha crossover
* Some potentially bad news for Torchwood fans involving John Barrowman - and much more, including a sneak-preview of next week's show, chock-full of movie goodness!

* Image courtesy of BleedingCool.com

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