Sunday, June 7, 2009

Firefly and I part 2

So I spent my Sunday watching the rest of the series Firefly. I must say that starting on the second disc I really found stories I enjoyed. Since I watched 10 hours of television today, I do not see my going though each story and telling you what they were about and what I liked and disliked about each episode.

Instead I offer an overview of the series. The real show stopper was Saffron. She really played the same kind of character Claudia Black had in Stargate: SG1 at the end of it's run.

The show downer: River. I found her character to be a true waste of time in the series. The final episode of the series was really all about her and she wasn't really in it. Jubal Early in the last episode was a great character. None of the characters were awful to watch (Glau not withstanding). Wash was fun to watch and even got his moment in the episode where he and Mal get captured by the Russian mafioso.

Over all the series was entertaining. Not AMAZING as fans often put it to me. It was, at best, fun to watch in parts. BEST LINE IN THE SERIES: 'Why'd you order a dead guy?'

Best episode over all was the Hospital heist. I think it truly allowed everyone to shine. Except that the Sheppard was not on that episode. We also never really learn the history of why this Sheppard knows so much about things he really shouldn't.

I would say that the Book (the Sheppard) was the most under-used character on the show.

Another thing that annoys me: Where are the OTHER Asians? Obviously, Chinese is used as easily as English, so they must have had some kind of affect on the human race. But not a one of them on the ship, not a one of them in charge of any place they visit... Frankly it's confusing.

In the end... do I recommend the show?

Like I said in part 1 of my Firefly blogs: Watch the pilot. If you enjoy it, stick around for the series. Get through the first disc and you will be OK.
If you watch the pilot and you don't like it go back to the better version of this - it was called Babylon 5.

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