Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smallville 90210

OK, so Brian Austin Green is making an appearance as Metallo this season on Smallville. BOOO! But ok. I will give him a chance. But this got me thinking - Why not do a 90210 Reunion of Evil on Smallville? I mean, with Tori Spelling already a show semi-regular as Linda Lake and all.

Now, I was a fan of 90210 back in the day. Yeah, I know. Shuddap. Here are my ideas for the Villians and the Actors who can play them:

Banshee - Jenni Garth. She's still pretty hot and could pull it off.
Ultraman - Luke Perry. Cause, you know. He knows how to kill vampires, he's gotta be cool enough to pull off Ultraman.
Solomn Grundy - Ian Zering. Really, just because he pronounces his name "IIan" and not "EEan."
The Prankster - Jason Priestly. Cause he's creepy looking like that.
Amazing Grace - Shannon Dougherty. No explanation needed I think.
and Finally...
Zaora - Gabrielle Cartris. Because they were both forgotten about by their Franchise.

So there you go. the 90210 Smallville Reunion of Evil!

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