Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quesada, Wizard and the comic-book press

Quite the study in contrasts this week, as Comic Book Resources announced that Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada had brought his weekly online column, Cup O' Joe, to their site. The column had been running on MySpace until earlier this year. (Marvel does continue to post previews via MySpace Comic Books.)

Quesada isn't the only EIC with his own column in the comics press: DC's Dan DiDio has 20 Answers, 1 Question over at Newsarama. But while the two online news providers have gained "official" backing from each of the Big Two, a publication that preceded them continued to seemingly lose strength.

Newsarama and Bleeding Cool both reported this week on further staff cutbacks at Wizard magazine, including designer Arlene So and VP of circulation and publication Darren Sanchez.

@ThePeterPixie and I have more thoughts on the possible bigger picture behind all of these occurences, and we'll be discussing them for sure tomorrow night on the show. Join us and add your thoughts!

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