Monday, May 18, 2009

5/17/09 Show Review

If you missed our show last night, you can catch it by using the handy-dandy BTR Playertron there at the bottom. Here's some of the stuff Peter Pixie & El Secreto talked about:

* We agreed -- for once -- on the Smallville finale
* We talked about the latest Doctor Who rumors, including an appearance by Timothy Dalton and by Claire Bloom as The Doctor's mother
* El Secreto reported on the creation of the Long Beach Comic Con, to be held this October, and the upcoming happy hours this summer, courtesy of the New York Comic Con.
* And we announced our special guest for next week's show: the guy who should be writing the Legion of Super-Heroes, MightyGodKing.

So we hope you can spend part of your Memorial Day weekend with us next week -- and if you missed last night's show, just click below!

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