Thursday, May 21, 2009


When I was a kid in 1975 there was 'The Ghost Busters' A staple in my Saturday morning ritual of cereal and mind numbing television. It was about 2 guys and a Gorilla who always ended up chasing down the supernatural to the old castle.

And then about 10 years later There was the GHOSTBUSTERS. A trio of guys who chase down ghosts in all kinds of places! From this I ate the GHOSTBUSTERS CEREAL, joined the fan club which sent me a certificate I still have certifying me as an Official Ghostbuster of my area, patches, soundtracks, t-shirts... I really enjoyed it a lot. Especally when they made the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters. NOT to be confused with the Ghostbusters cartoon which also came out at the same time based on the aforementioned The Ghost Busters television from the 70s.

'We are not calling it Ghostbusters II. We will burn in hell if we call it Ghostbusters II' - Bill Murray after Ghostbusters to Starlog Magazine

Of course, I became an adult. Not really growing up mind you - I was excited when the GHOSTBUSTERS decided to take another turn at making a movie. I was sad through most of it, but Segourny Weaver was still very nice to look at so it wasn't too bad. But bad enough to kill the cartoon and the franchise. Not even Bobbie Brown could save them with stunning lyrics like: 'Too hot too handle too cold to hold. Called the Ghostbusters and they're in control.'

'"See, to me this is the third movie. That's why I was so excited and passionate about getting it done." - Dan Aykroyd in UGO Gamesblog.

So now a lifetime after The movie and the original but not the same series came out, we are getting a real treat in what looks to be a very exciting and fun Ghostbusters video game! A totally new story created by loving fans of the franchise and - the best part - not in any way a game version of what is come in the MOVIE Ghostbusters III.

Its OK if you're confused. I was for a long time.

The makers of the much more famous Ghostbusters actually had to pay for the use of the name from the original series from the 70s. The actors and writers of the new Ghostbusters movie were inspired by the things happening in the upcoming video game when they wrote their script.

The good news is this is going to be a reunuion show but not dwell in the past. It will have a fresh and pretty new crew with rumours of Eliza Dushku and Alyssa Milano to star. So, stay tuned here and on HOUR 42.

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