Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I took the opportunity to watch Zetaman.tv today. It chronicles the exploits of The Alternates team members of Zetaman, Agent Null and Ms. Meow as they team up with their newest members Dreamer and Black Knight as well as a a costumed individual calling himself NeurocybeX on a quest to ensure the residents of a children's home have presents for Christmas.

Will anyone show up at their fundraiser on this very snowy eve?
Will one of them get the phone number from the really hot girl?
Will one of the survive the night?


I recommend you watch it yourself for these reasons:

1. Zetaman is in it! He's just all around cool. He is now in his 4th year of Costume Activism and consistently shows all of us a better way to live.

2. Agent Null is funny. He really understands that what he's doing can be seen as a little kooky by some, but this particular mission is dear to his heart and you will feel closer to him by the end of this episode.

3. NeurocybeX. Be sure to check out the deleted scene which focuses on this interesting fellow and his theory of the Stratification of Man. Be sure to watch it AFTER the main episode to understand its context.

4. Hey, these are Civic minded citizens who happen to wear costumes. That in and of itself should make you want to check this out!

Of course, the other members of the Alternates team are also great people and their missions to bring more humanity to the human race is truly inspiring.

The most endearing thing about this documentary is that it allows the viewer to see nearly every spectrum of what is out there on what is commonly referred to as the 'RLSH - Real Life Super Heroes.'

When someone asks you what is and RLSH and what do they do, this is a great way to show them. I say this because it shows the sane balanced individuals as well as those who have different theories on how life works.

Go take a look at it, come back here and tell me what you thought. If you say something interesting, we might even talk about it on Hour 42!

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