Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So you thought V was for Vendetta? Think again!

OK, so you may have heard the one about the lizard people pretending to be humanoid in an effort to steal us for food?

Yes, I realize that how cheesy that sounds. But if it was Jane Badler asking could YOU say no? The only sad thing is her character was not allowed to have an Australian Accent that the actress has - being FROM Australia and all.

Sometimes a story is ahead of its time. I could argue Star Wars among them. Imagine the ability to see for the first time Star Wars on the Big Screen with today's technology... I know Lucas wishes he could.

Lucky for us, we are going to get that opportunity with V. Originally a mini series from creator Kenneth Johnson. I will let that sink in.
What? you don't KNOW Kenneth Johnson? He brought us shows like:
The Six Million Dollar Man
The Bionic Woman
The Incredible Hulk
Alien Nation
And is currently working in post production on True Believer: The Stan Lee Documentary.

This man knows how to entertain and inspire. Sadly, the one thing his visions lacked was money. I would go so far as to say that Johnson was the 70s Whedon of his time.

Here is a promo from the original V: The Mini Series

It originally aired on NBC. They had so much involvement in Johnson's work he actually QUIT during the Second Mini series because they were asking for far too many stupid changes.

But now, technology has come about to really tell the story of hope from the stars. And if there ever was a time when we needed it... I would say that time is now. Here's a promo for the upcoming series:

This time around it's Scott Peters turn. He is best known for his show 4400. However, he also directed and wrote many of the Latest version of the Outer Limits and even a couple of Highlander the series episodes.

Im looking forward to seeing this version of the story. Oh yeah, if you watched the preview you would have seen this time we get Morena Baccarin who played the leader of the Ori on Stargate: Atlantis asking me to be food. And if that wasn't QUITE enough incentive, Laura Vandervoort aka Supergirl from TV's Smallville is a Vistor too. So I really don't have much of a chance of survival.

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