Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kevin Smith gets a shot at Green Hornet after all

Entertainment Weekly reported today that movie writer/director Kevin Smith, who has also written successful Batman and Green Arrow stories, will write a story for Dynamite Comics' upcoming Green Hornet series.

If you'll recall, we talked about GH as part of our Forgotten Heroes a few weeks back. The Hornet, originally created in the 1930s for a radio serial, has survived throughout the decades in various radio, television and comic-book stories. Smith's script for the story is reportedly based on a screenplay which he'd hoped would be used for a GH feature film due in June 2010. However, star Seth Rogen subsequently took over writing duties (with Evan Goldberg) for the movie.

Smith also told EW he will be writing a 12-issue Batman arc called "The Widening Gyre." No word yet on whether it's a follow up to "Cacophany," which was released this year and featured Batman, The Joker and Smith creation Onomatopeia.

We'll discuss this development further Sunday night at 8pm PST (10p CST) on HOUR 42!

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